Pace Board

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Sarah Coletti-Interim President 2018-2019
Sarah Ommen-Interim Vice President 2018-2019
Brian Stack-Secretary 2018-2019
Liz Kosta-Treasurer 2018-2019

Board Members 2018-2019: Kevin Crowley, Kristy LaCroix, Melissa Marr, Krista Munsie, Marrianne Pelletier


Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.
— Steven Anderson - Educator

PACE Members and guests get together on a monthly basis to network, promote our businesses & organizations, learn about best business practices and improve our local communities. Annually, PACE hosts a Comedy Night Fundraiser to raise funds for our scholarship program, which supports graduating high school students from Pinkerton Academy and Timberlane and Sanborn Regional School Districts. PACE is committed to helping our communities youth get a great start and achieve the education, connections and support to begin their professional lives.

Since 1988, P.A.C.E. is a recognized 501 (c) (6) tax exempt organization.

Our History:

The Plaistow Area Commerce Exchange, Inc. was born under the idea that a close working relationship and communication with the local business community in Southern New Hampshire was essential. Rapid changes and accelerated growth within the area towns was a serious issue and there were no means existed to address these concerns. A Plaistow resident and business owner, Davena Szmyt, contacted a few other business owners in September of 1985 to ask their opinion about the need for an organization. The purpose would be to bring business and professional people together to address issues of common concern, to get to know each other better, and work toward a more structured direction for the future growth and prosperity within the community.

The response was overwhelmingly favorable! An informal meeting was scheduled and approximately eight individuals were invited. There were pre-requisites: that the organization would be non-profit, that contribution, cooperation and communication would be its foundation and that dues would be minimal, in order that no one would be excluded for monetary reasons. Members would contribute their skills, knowledge and materials to make the organization meaningful as well as successful. Twenty-four men and women attended the first meeting at Sawyers Restaurant on October 29th, 1985 at 7:30 am for coffee and a brainstorming sessions. The agenda was carefully organized and covered Purpose, Structure, Liability, Locations, Names, Dues and Issues. The pros and cons were carefully discussed and the enthusiasm was contagious!


A name was chosen, a nominating committee and a membership committee was organized from volunteers, and bylaws, newsletter, program and public relations committees were formed. Following the second meeting, the membership outgrew the restaurant and P.A.C.E. moved to Sawyers Banquet Hall. From the first person, to the next 8 who were called, to the 24 that attended, there were 87 members on the first anniversary. That figure has grown to 117 total members!

P.A.C.E. has flourished, brought many new friendships and business relationships together, and is well respected as a contributor to the seven towns it serves. It represents a unified and knowledgeable organization as a voice for the business sector and addresses current and future issues. Its monthly programs are diversified and informative, ranging from the New Hampshire State Attorney General, the Mayor of Haverhill, the Transportation and Banking Commissioners from New Hampshire, Advertising versus Public Relations, to the inventor of the better mousetrap!

P.A.C.E. has sponsored a Business Person of the Year/Auction Night, Comedy Night Fundraiser, Toys for Tots Program, and a Candidates Nights/Breakfasts, Library Appreciation Events, Business After Hours Events and so much more. Currently, P.A.C.E. communicates to its members through e-mail, social media and the e-newsletter is issued Quarterly.

The membership is extremely loyal in supporting and promoting their membership base. With continued support from it’s membership base, P.A.C.E. will prosper within its respective communities.

In 2007, we voted to include two more towns to round out our service area for a total of seven: Atkinson, Danville, Hampstead, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow and Sandown.

We continue with the original mission and purpose under the Motto “Prosperity and Strength Through Unity.”